Friday, 19 October 2012

Fashion Inspirations (“⌒∇⌒”)

With a blog totally dedicated to fashion it's natural that I must have some inspiration when it comes to choosing clothes and brands. Japanese fashion has always intrigued me, whether it's the pastel colour combinations of Cult Party/Fairy Kei or the layering, nature-inclined outfits that Mori girls wear.

A lot of the fashion styles have magazines that are focused on them. For example, KERA magazine is geared towards punk, Lolita and Gothic styles. It also has a spin-off version called the Gothic and Lolita Bible (which can be read in Japanese and English!) Zipper magazine is geared towards street fashions, mainly in the Harajuku district.

KERA Magazine, Gothic & Lolita Bible (American Edition) and Zipper Magazine
So I thought that I'd list some of the people who inspire me. Many of these models I am about to list have Twitter, Tumblr and Ameba blogs and I will list them if them if you'd like to find out more about them! ^^

AMOYAMO consist of two Harajuku models Amo and Ayamo, who are often in photo shoots together. Amo is the taller one, and Ayamo is the shorter one! I like Amo because she pulls off the romantic/cute side really well, with lace dresses and natural looking makeup. Ayamo has a more laidback style, making use of lumberkack shirts, caps and trainers. As well as modelling, AMOYAMO have also made a mini album and the songs are on Youtube so check them out!

Harajuku's Kawaii Ambassador Kyary Pamyu Pamyu models for fashion magazines such as Zipper and KERA. She is also a successful musician, releasing an album Pamyu Pamyu Revolution in May 2012. She immediately stands out from the crowd and has incorporated so many styles into her various outfits that I can't name them all omg! ;;A;;

17 year-old Fancy Girl Juria has taken Harajuku by storm, with her bright coloured hair and stunning outfits that make me cry because I just want THEM ALL OMG...yeah o___o Juria works in Avantgarde, a shop that sells a variety of tights and leggings, including the ever popular tattoo tights. They've recently started shipping internationally yaaaay!!! \(^O^)/ 

Yura is another model who appears mainly in KERA magazine but is also featured in other popular fashion magazines. I think that she suits the punk fashion really well but then she goes and amazes me by wearing other styles and...she just suits everything!!

Ayumi is another model for the Zipper fashion magazine. I love her makeup: the pink blusher she uses makes her look so cute! Also it was mainly because of her that I decided to change my style to one that represents me more and it has slowly brought me more out of my shell. To me she embodies the Japanese street style fashion.

My fashion blog is and it contains more fashion styles than I have mentioned in this post. Also most of these pictures are mine: I haven't marked the ones I own but I'm sure you can tell because of the really bad scanning! D:

I hope that you've enjoyed this post!

___φ(・ω・` )

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