Wednesday, 10 October 2012

[First Post!] Newbie, weight gain and uni...

Well I've been contemplating using this site for a while. Tumblr was getting boring (besides, it's more about pictures and less about words), Twitter is a place where I ramble and rant in 140 characters or less and Livejournal...well it just wasn't going anywhere.

So maybe blogging here will work out for the best? Who knows...

So I'm just gonna jump straight in to the mess that was this morning. I went to my first therapy session today. I wasn' really scared about it, more unsure as to what was expected of me and what was going to happen. Basically it was the same as my prior assessment: a whole lot of talking. I really hate it when the spotlight's on me (even though that's usually very rare haha) because naturally I'm a very shy person. It's only when we get to know each other and when I start trusting you that you'll see my "noisy side" come out haha!! Despite my slight nerves it actually went quite well. Although I told her that I am adamant about not gaining anymore weight...and now that I've found out that I put on weight in two weeks when I'd previously been steadily losing it ugh, it just messed everything up. *sighs*

Anyway I've joined MyFitnessPal just to help me out with counting calories, monitoring my intake and stuff. I used to be really strict about it, then things happened, and to be really honest I miss the way things used to be...when no one knew about my eating it seems like I'm way too open about everything and I've found it easier to confide in people and I can't be as secretive as I used to be...

Ugh this is like one huge lump of text and it looks ugly but meh...I can't promise nice, fancy blog entries. However, I'm gonna be so busy this year due to university that I won't be a very regular blogger. Part of my course involves me working so I'll be really exhausted most days...but I'll try my best!! ^^

___φ(・ω・` )

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