Sunday, 11 November 2012

NHK World

NHK World (on UK channel SKY 507) is a Japanese news channel aimed at their overseas audience. They have programmes ranging from general news, music, food and various other aspects of the Japanese culture.

The programme I like is:



This programme focuses on Japanese music. The host May J often interviews lots of different artists and they have subtitles in English so we can understand, yay! In earlier episodes this year she interviewed the GazettE and VAMPS omg!!! I basically started watching this programme for the GazettE lol but they have other artists too so check them out!! Here's the link to their website.

The programme I'd most like to see is:
Kawaii International


This programme showcases the "kawaii culture": basically it's a show for everything cute!! Episode 3 featured the Malaysian blogger Cheesie and Rin Rin who models for the brand Angelic Pretty. Here's the link to their website.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to record the latest episodes of my favourite programmes. However, there is the opportunity to vote for the ones that you might have missed...or that you've already seen but you'd like to watch them again! So don't miss out on the chance to see them. Vote here! The results will be released in December! ^^

Other links: 

Also Hyper Japan is coming up, on 23-25 November!! 

It's a UK event that brings various parts of the Japanese culture all in one place. You get to try some food, view fashion catwalks, listen to bands performing and more! I've never been before so I really hope that I'll be able to go! For more information about this event please click on these links:
 Hyper Japan's website                         Hyper Japan's Facebook
I apologise for the lack of pictures...and the fact that this is really short. I'm so busy nowadays ugh... o(╥﹏╥)o

Despite this, I really hope that you enjoyed reading this! ^^

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