Saturday, 24 November 2012

Tokyo Boppers!

Ok so I think I've already established that I'm obsessed with shoes...well not obsessed but...ok I admit it I'm obsessed: I can't help it omg!  。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

So the brands I'm really loving right now are: Tokyo Boppers, Jeffrey Campbell (doesn't everyone?) and obviously UNDERGROUND because unf creepers yes please!!!

So in this post I'll be talking about Tokyo Boppers! Well, their actual brand names are Belly Button (1991) and UNBILICAL (1999). The shop called Tokyo Bopper opened in Harajuku in 1994 and has been extremely popular since then.  Tokyo Fashion has a really nice article about them here.

They have a variation of shoes in the following categories: 4-Inch Shoes, Ballerinas, Spiders, Ribbons, 2-Inch Moulds, Boots and Sandals. They also make shoes for men!

Ballerina's and Spider's

You'll always see plenty of cool kids wearing these in Japanese fashion magazines and streets snaps. I think that they suit a lot of the different types of fashion "genres": lolita, fairy kei, cult party kei, punk etc. My favourites are the white smooth platform boots, so cute ahhhh!!

Juria can often be seen in these...actually she's more in the Coltrane Buckle Ankle Jeffrey Campbell boots which I both love and hate ;;A;; but she used to wear these a lot and they make a reappearance every now and then! ^^

I also like the ivory ballerina's:

The only problem with Tokyo Boppers is that they're too expensive! Or maybe it's because I'm poor D:

If you want to check out their collection then visit the English web store here!

In other and my friend are planning a big shopping haul from Japanese web stores next January omg, stores like SPINNS and Wego and Avantgarde (Disney/Sanrio tights galore!). But I can't spend too much though because I need to save up for (hopefully) a well deserved holiday during summer next year...this is what it's like being a uni student: you're always broke! *sighs*

Also, kinda late but did you hear about Kyary's international tour? So far she's only mentioned France and Belgium but 8 more countries have yet to be announced, and I'm hoping that England is one of them!!

Queen Kyary

Annnnnnnd today is my second year the GazettE anniversary!!! I was going to make a post about it today but I decided to talk about Tokyo Boppers instead heh! But I'm very happy that I got to listen to them and words cannot describe how great they are, in my opinion. My first song was SHIVER and ever since then they have captured my heart (and my bank account). Ok I'm gonna stop now before this gets too embarrassing... (/ω\)

Thanks for reading!

___φ(・ω・` )

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