Friday, 28 December 2012

Sales, Sales, Sales!!

Remember my last blog post about my Oxford St shopping trip? Well I went back there today. (I just can't stay away can I? XD) Let me tell you: it is PACKED! The calm I saw on Monday morning has completely disappeared. It seems like the Boxing Day/NY sales has got everyone into a shopping frenzy! Today I went with my friend (who I call my "Twin" because we're so alike omg) and we had a grand old time waltzing around Oxford St. I spent £12 today (I'm still a poor student T___T) and I am pleased with my purchases...well kinda. 

So I did the most dreadful thing ever and brought white tights...yes white! I think white tights are so cuuuute! They look so nice with Fairy-Kei outfits (I talk about this a lot omg) Click here to see an example of what I'm talking about.

 They're nice right? Now here's what they look like on me:

Erm....ok LOL not as great as I imagined but I'll keep them. I think if they were 60+ denier they would look better, because of my skin tone...meh

We also went to Primark (amongst other shops), it was so packed in there omggggg but I managed to buy a nice dark blue jumper:

 Also from Primark:

Mickey Mouse tights!! I was so excited when I saw these omg, only £3! Cheaper than Avantgarde lol..........but I still want Avantgarde tights omg they have Alice in Wonderland tattoo tights ;;;;;; Erm anyway here's what they look like on:

Nice!! Can't believe that all this only cost me £12 omg. Yay for sales!!

Here are some other random pics from today!

Cam-whoring at my friend's house:

Buffalo's at Schuh omgggggg ;;;;;;;

I met Princess Ariel in the Disney Store and practised my Juria pose!

Annnnd that's all for today! ^^

Side Note: I know I probably say this a lot but I'm really sorry about the poor quality of my photos. It would be nice if I could get a decent camera but I don't think that I'd use it a lot and it'd be a waste of money: I just stick to my phone lol. But we'll see...

Thanks for reading! 

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Monday, 24 December 2012

Forever Alone Shopping D:

Made a quick visit to Oxford St today! Which is quite a silly thing to do considering it's Christmas Eve...but I went really early in the morning so it wasn't crowded at all! I brought two things...

Hello Kitty headphones!! These are my third pair of Hello Kitty headphones, the first two were by Coloud and were black/gold.

I really couldn't decide whether to get these or the pink ones...when I'm rich I'll get the pink ones lol!!

I also purchased this cream coloured cardigan from H&M!! I saw it last week and I just had to get it! I got a size 10 because I like my clothes to be really baggy ahaha...

Wearing both (lol):

Ugh, I need to sort out my hair lol

I'm really struggling as to place myself in a certain style. I'm leaning towards fairy-kei/cult-party kei but instead of going all out, just adding elements of it to my outfits (like accessories etc.) I'm slowly putting more colour into my wardrobe: more creams and pinks.

Kyary's concert is next February omg, so I'm even more worried because I need an outfit and there isn't much time...I wrote down all my current ideas (yes...I do that) and ugh, I need help...I've been browsing through TokyoFashion for inspiration, especially the Fairy-kei tag!! I'm so excited though!! I'm especially looking forward to hearing Tyodoiino: it's one of my favourite Kyary songs! ^^

Sorry for this super short and boring post...I don't really have much to say ahaha...but thanks for reading!
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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Just a quick update...

Hey everyone! Tomorrow's my last day of work before I break up for the Christmas holidays and I am SO looking forward to two weeks of sleeping in past noon...ahhhh *sighs*

This is just a quick update just to show you a few of the other sites that I'm on. You probably know already but...yeah ahahaha so...

I basically reblog lots of fashion pictures, mainly Japanese fashion! This is what it looks like right now:

There are links on the side (above my ridiculously long and unnecessary blog description) in which you can find out a bit more about my interests. There used to be some lovely piano music on the dreaded auto play but for some reason it's not working and I can't be bothered to fix it right now lol...

I also have a tumblr specifically for the GazettE but it hardly gets updated so...but if you do want to follow here it is:

EDIT: I've now changed my username to @lala_in_the_sky Everything else remains the same! ^^

Unfortunately coloursofthespring is too long a username for Twitter meh....Anyway this is the place where I rant/vent/complain so if you want to get a little more inside my head, check it out!

I tend to retweet a lot of fashion on there as well so it's not 100% me complain about everything ahaha!! ^^ Also if you're easily triggered you might not want to follow me...some of the things I talk about are potentially triggering...although I try to keep such talk to a minimum sometimes I just need to rant about my horrible day etc.

Last FM: sayurimikami

About the username...just don't ask LOL erm so this is where you can check out what kind of music I listen to. Mainly Jrock, Kpop and R&B!!

Instagram: @lazy_lala

I don't really update this that much...(I only have 86 photos omg D:) but yeah, here's a brief teaser:

So all in all I'm not really on many websites...well I do have deviantart and livejournal but I've stopped using them so it doesn't count...

Well as I said in my previous post hopefully during the holidays I'll be able to update frequently...although I have no idea what to blog about LOL well something fashion related of course...although I was planning to make a post about room decor....ok enough with the rambling D:

Thanks for reading! 

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

My Personal Inspiration

It's been a long time since my last post...16 days in fact! Unacceptable...(>_<) I'm really sorry.

Well this post is not going to be very long. I've been really busy with work (only 4 more weeks to go! \(^O^)/) but from the 24th I'll be on Christmas holidays for 2 weeks!!! I can't wait! Although I'll probably be doing work during that time meh...but I'll have time to study Japanese (LOL like that's gonna happen) and rearrange my room. I've been inspired by the latest episode of Kawaii International and I'm super jealous of everyone's perfect rooms so I want to make mine cute and well...more me! Hopefully if that does happen I'll make a post about it! ^^

Ok so first up: my Outfit Of The Day! Ok this is yesterday's OOTD because I didn't go out today and yeah...also these photos will be horribly unedited and plain and unclear and ignore the background as well because...just ignore everything lol:

I'm wearing a black polka dot dress from Yesstyle (who used to be my favourite online store ever until I discovered spinns omg) and my black patent DM's.

Remember the old cartoon Dangermouse? If not click here for the intro. This is my brother's kindly donated sweatshirt which is great because of the cold weather in London meh.


And to finish it off, my deep red hoodie and BOY LONDON hat (which you can't see)..oh and a nice warm black scarf lol.

Ok so that was boring... (¬_¬)ノ

One thing I wanted to say though is that recently I've been thinking a lot about living life in a meaningful way and the fact that I haven't been doing that. As part of a session last week, I had to think about people who I think has not let anything get in the way of their dreams and the first person that came to my mind was:

Kaila aka Rainbowholic!!

She is a blogger from Manila who now resides in Japan and is well known for her photos and blog posts about everything cute omg ;;;; I deem her to be not only successful at blogging but also in the fact that she's achieved (some of) her dreams and that she is a very motivated and charismatic individual. Not to mention she's only 21 and has already achieved so much!! Only one year older than me, I really need to push myself to try harder ugh...

To me, achievement is something that is high on my list of priorities: if I don't achieve well and enough I am essentially worthless. Now part of my low self esteem is caused by the fact that I don't think I have achieved much over my life time. However, I find hope in individuals such as Kaila by reading about their achievements and dreams that have been met and hope that one day I can meet my own.

Interestingly, today Kaila posted a picture of her old notebook in which she has written down goals that she wanted to meet. (Click here to have a look!) So I decided to make a similar list for myself:

If you can't read my scribbles it says:

  • Graduate in 2013!
  • Become the best teacher that I can be
  • Teach abroad
  • Successfully learn (to read and write) Japanese
  • Travel!
  • See the GazettE live in concert!!!
  • View myself in a more positive light
As you can see the majority of these goals revolve around education/studying and bettering myself as a person. The last one was underlined because I feel that this is the most important and that it will help me to meet all the other goals. 

This post has turned out to be longer than intended...not to mention really personal so I apologise if it's boring or whatever but this has been on my mind for awhile now and I felt it an appropriate topic to make a post about. And if Kaila ever reads this, I'd like to thank you so much for being an inspiration not only for me but for the thousands who read your blog. You're the best!! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

By the way, you can read Kaila's blog by clicking here!

Thanks for reading and again, I am sorry for the long wait. (シ_ _)シ

___φ(・ω・` )

Saturday, 1 December 2012

New Items!!!

There's nothing better than coming home to see that a parcel has been delivered. Seriously. I love it. So a couple of weeks ago that I decided to stop spending money (because I had hardly any left lol). All was well for about a week. Until Topshop sent me an email on the 25th saying:

THEN I received an email from Urban Outfitters on the 26th saying which said:

I just couldn't resist.
Even when I'm low on money I still have the tendency to....well, spend! I may be a bit limited but I ALWAYS find something. The word "sale" just screams at me annnnnnd that's how I get hooked. (;*´Д`)ノ

So I looked around and I thought about what I could get (and didn't think about saving my money as I should have, siiiiigh) and remembered these pictures that Juria posted on Instagram:

I was very I ended up buying these:

Black long-sleeved crop top: Topshop
Pink Measuring tape: Topshop
Cap: Boy London
                                                           Spiky hairband: Urban Outfitters

Super cute measuring tape...and free!! lol

Not bad for a fiver eh? ^^

My first Boy London purchase! Next time I hope to buy the black sweater and the black leggings (so expensive though omg) ^^ 

Ok prepare yourselves for extremely bad modelling, messy hair and terrible picture quality...(ugh)

The hat looks so pointy at the top....maybe because it's new? Meh...

Yay for wonky glasses! \o/

Today's me!

I tucked a grey jumper into a black skater skirt and teamed it up with white braces. Shoe-wise I wore:

My black suede double-soled creepers! It's bitterly cold in London nowadays so I have to wear really thick tights. I wore lace white socks on top to make it look cuuuuuuute!!

So....that's it!! I'm very happy with the few items that I brought! ^^

Hope you enjoyed!!

___φ(・ω・` )