Monday, 24 December 2012

Forever Alone Shopping D:

Made a quick visit to Oxford St today! Which is quite a silly thing to do considering it's Christmas Eve...but I went really early in the morning so it wasn't crowded at all! I brought two things...

Hello Kitty headphones!! These are my third pair of Hello Kitty headphones, the first two were by Coloud and were black/gold.

I really couldn't decide whether to get these or the pink ones...when I'm rich I'll get the pink ones lol!!

I also purchased this cream coloured cardigan from H&M!! I saw it last week and I just had to get it! I got a size 10 because I like my clothes to be really baggy ahaha...

Wearing both (lol):

Ugh, I need to sort out my hair lol

I'm really struggling as to place myself in a certain style. I'm leaning towards fairy-kei/cult-party kei but instead of going all out, just adding elements of it to my outfits (like accessories etc.) I'm slowly putting more colour into my wardrobe: more creams and pinks.

Kyary's concert is next February omg, so I'm even more worried because I need an outfit and there isn't much time...I wrote down all my current ideas (yes...I do that) and ugh, I need help...I've been browsing through TokyoFashion for inspiration, especially the Fairy-kei tag!! I'm so excited though!! I'm especially looking forward to hearing Tyodoiino: it's one of my favourite Kyary songs! ^^

Sorry for this super short and boring post...I don't really have much to say ahaha...but thanks for reading!
___φ(・ω・` )

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