Saturday, 1 December 2012

New Items!!!

There's nothing better than coming home to see that a parcel has been delivered. Seriously. I love it. So a couple of weeks ago that I decided to stop spending money (because I had hardly any left lol). All was well for about a week. Until Topshop sent me an email on the 25th saying:

THEN I received an email from Urban Outfitters on the 26th saying which said:

I just couldn't resist.
Even when I'm low on money I still have the tendency to....well, spend! I may be a bit limited but I ALWAYS find something. The word "sale" just screams at me annnnnnd that's how I get hooked. (;*´Д`)ノ

So I looked around and I thought about what I could get (and didn't think about saving my money as I should have, siiiiigh) and remembered these pictures that Juria posted on Instagram:

I was very I ended up buying these:

Black long-sleeved crop top: Topshop
Pink Measuring tape: Topshop
Cap: Boy London
                                                           Spiky hairband: Urban Outfitters

Super cute measuring tape...and free!! lol

Not bad for a fiver eh? ^^

My first Boy London purchase! Next time I hope to buy the black sweater and the black leggings (so expensive though omg) ^^ 

Ok prepare yourselves for extremely bad modelling, messy hair and terrible picture quality...(ugh)

The hat looks so pointy at the top....maybe because it's new? Meh...

Yay for wonky glasses! \o/

Today's me!

I tucked a grey jumper into a black skater skirt and teamed it up with white braces. Shoe-wise I wore:

My black suede double-soled creepers! It's bitterly cold in London nowadays so I have to wear really thick tights. I wore lace white socks on top to make it look cuuuuuuute!!

So....that's it!! I'm very happy with the few items that I brought! ^^

Hope you enjoyed!!

___φ(・ω・` )

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