Saturday, 30 March 2013

~Pretty Pastels~

American Apparel are currently doing their Pastel Collection!

So much pretty!! *o*

These are a few of my favourites:

1. Cotton Spandex Jersey High-Waist Skirt £25.00

2. Seersucker Full Woven Skirt £32.00

These skirts are so cute! Pair then with crop tops or shirts.

3. Unisex Classic Long Sleeve Stone Wash Oxford Button-Down £62.00

4. Unisex Fisherman's Pullover £66.00

5. Mary Jane Pump Canvas Shoe £65.00

These items weren't in their Pastel Collection but they're soooooo cute omg!

Thick-Knit Jersey High-Waist Cross-Back Short-All £40.00

You may have seen these before...

Petticoat Slip Skirt £68.00

Multi-Layered Reversible Petticoat £68.00

They're really suitable for Cult Party Kei styles!

Now obviously American Apparel are not on the cheap side of the scale...but that's why you've got to be sensible with your shopping! Little things (Actually I mentioned this in my last post as well haha) like signing up to their newsletter to get news of deals and discounts, or simply waiting a bit for the prices to drop. Another way is by following their Twitter or liking them on Facebook: they often have competitions and update you about sales/discounts there! Even if, unlike me lol, you have got the cash to buy these outright you can still save yourself a bit of cash by following those three little tips! 

Another item from American Apparel that I like are their thigh high sports socks!

Here are a few examples of how they can be styled (click on the links for more pictures)

Personally Mayupu's styling is my favourite, I think the heels compliment the socks....or the other way round....I obviously have no idea what I'm talking about hahaha

Hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading! ^^

Lala ___φ(・ω・` )

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Super Busy! _φ(°-°=)

So it's that time of year again where I'm literally tearing out my hair because of university. Well actually things are a little different this time. I've got three essays (including a dissertation) a presentation and two mini tests to do. All before June. Great. However for some reason I'm not feeling as stressed out as usual...I'm actually feeling really calm about this. It's my final year at uni and these are the last few hurdles that I have to jump over until I meet my goal of graduating. So I'm feeling a little confident that I'll do my best and get a decent degree.

Another reason why I'm a bit more cheerful is because I might be going on holiday omg!! I haven't been on holiday since secondary school AKA a long time ago....I've almost forgotten what it's like to travel by plane lol. So I'm naturally excited about it, and it will be a great way to relax since I'll hopefully be going a few weeks after my final essay is handed in. That's all I'm pretty much gonna say about it because I'm paranoid that something will go wrong if I keep talking about it and i won't be able to go D:

But what I will say is that I've already been looking for clothes to take with me ahaha! Since the weather will be nice and warm I've been eyeing up some cheap and cheerful crop tops:

(Click on each name to go to the New Look website)
2. White Alphabet Crop Top - £9.99
5. Black Girl Crop Top - £7.99
6. Black Polka Dot Crop Top - £6.99

And this stripy crop top has a cute heart-shaped cutout at the back!

Te Amo Blue Stripe Heart Cut Out Top - £9.99

These crop tops are from New Look and if you noticed, they are all under £10!

These are from Uniqlo's Easy leggings and legging trousers range. £14.90 per item, however right now a select few are on sale at £9.90!

1. Denim Leggings Trousers - £14.90
2. Easy Print Leggings - SALE £9.90
3. Easy Print Leggings Trousers - SALE £9.90

I've also been trying to find some nice summery dresses. One of my biggest insecurities are my legs. I don't like to show them i.e. I wear tights/leggings ALL the time. Obviously I'm not getting much vitamin D so I have to take tablets (which I also have not been doing for a while now doh!) This time I want to change this summer 2013 and reduce the amount of times I wear tights lol. I doubt I'll manage it but I'll try my best!

Anyway, back to the dresses:

I find that Boohoo have a really good selection. Some of the dresses are in basic block colours: blacks, whites, greys but other items come in a real variety of colours so there's plenty to choose from!

By the way, I'm not trying to advertise being cheap when purchasing clothing but it's all about finding the best deals and taking advantage of them! Signing up to newsletters and receiving discounts or free shipping! And personally, when it comes to summer  I want to buy clothes that are loose, preferably non-polyester and.....summery! Also, I'm not exactly going to be buying expensive clothes just for holiday, so this shop is perfect haha!

Also, I'd just like to draw your attention to Bloglovin. It's a website where you can track any blogs you read and in one place, and it tells you when the blogs have updated. Pretty handy right? There's even an app for it on Android/iPhones! You can use it in the place of Google Reader. ^^

I hope this post helped you, whether you're going on holiday this year or if you're just wanting to buy some clothes for the summer!

Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Grimoire Verum Tights!

Hello again! "So soon!" you ok maybe not...


XL Off-White Jumper: H&M
Leggings: H&M
Creepers: Underground

Although I didn't actually wear my creepers today, I wore my K-SWISS lol...but I wanted to see what the creepers would look like all because of this girl:

Such a simple style, but she looks so nice!

Earlier on this week I received these tights in the post and I couldn't wait to review them! Grimoire (please click here for their web store) is super popular and I retweet so many of their pictures on Twitter because their co-ords are always so niiiiice! 




Yes! I ordered the "Lequel des deux préférez-vous? Blanc et noir" tights!

Cute packaging!

Little note that came with it (took my name out lol):

As for the tights themselves, I'm really impressed with the quality! The colour and attention to detail is just perfect. They are 80 denier, so not totally opaque which is absolutely fine. Thinking about my wardrobe I tried on a couple of outfits....

Do you like my multi-coloured boxes in the background LOL, I've had them since I was at school hehe...

Peter Pan Collar Navy Dress: Urban Outfitters
Mary Jane Flats: Topshop
NOTE: I'm wearing a skirt underneath the dress to make it flare out a bit: 
without it it lies too flat...

Ultra-bad quality picture, sorry!

Changed shoes: these are from Yesstyle!

Revived my outfit from this post lol

One issue I had with this order, which by the way has NOTHING to do with Grimoire, is the fact that I got hit with customs! D: What a nightmare ugh. Before purchasing these tights I searched around for reviews to see if Grimoire marked down their prices and someone said it was totally fine but I guess not....well there's always a risk of getting hit with customs when ordering internationally but I thought that maybe I could get away with this one's only a pair of tights LOL. But yeah, just a warning. From now on I'll only buy more Grimoire tights if I'm going to the shop myself or if friends are going, it's much cheaper that way!

Other than that I am very satisfied with these tights! I'd love to get some more. I really like these:

Un caffe d'emma:


Here are some of my latest pictures from my Instagram! ^^

My Hello Kitty slippers ahaha:

Posing with my cat bags:

This is on Instagram but I think I accidentally deleted the filtered version so here's the original:

I think that this is the longest post I've made so far....maybe haha. Well I hope that you've enjoyed reading this!!

This is my 30th post and despite that only being a small landmark I would just like to thank all my readers for looking at this blog (and suffering through the really bad quality pictures and words ahaha!) I really appreciate it! ^^

Thanks for reading!

Lala ___φ(・ω・` )

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Cat Crazy!

Wassup! So recently things have gotten a little cat crazy....the lovely Kat (otherwise known as Kowareta Doll) who always posts about super cute items she likes and buys, blogged about Ahcahcum Muchacha's famous cat bag. I've always wanted it but could not find it ANYWHERE. However one day I decided to search eBay and lo and behold: I found it lol. 

I'm afraid this update contains lots of pictures and very little dialogue I'm afraid, I have a headache T___T 

I bought it from this user here and they were really really nice and helpful and sweet!

Cute packaging:

Surprise package at the back omg!!



It contained a mustache necklace and a passport holder!




This is so cuuuuute!!!

Thank you so much for these wonderful presents!! \(*T▽T*)/




This bag is very cute! I suppose it can carry quite a few things, like essentials and books but don't overload it too much (like I do lol). The quality is great! The only problem I have with this bag is that it doesn't close: no zip or even a button, but other than that it's a really lovely bag!

Now for the clutch/purse! This cat looks so grumpy omg D:


The chain is part-removable so I guess you could attach it to another bag...or is that a silly idea LOL I dunno *facepalms*

Very teeny: only for small items like phones, lipstick/gloss, name it!

Overall I am very pleased with this purchase! I recommend this buyer: the price is fair considering that it's quite hard to find these bags and I've seen some high prices for them around the internet so...The shipping was fast: mine arrived in less than a week!

You can find Acahcum Muchacha's website here. 

Remember when I made this post about The Hobbit? At the end I mentioned that Black Milk made some LOTR/The Hobbit clothing and that they had free shipping until the 8th March. Well they decided to extend free shipping until the end of March! So that gives you even more time to decide if you want to get something, yay!

My next post is also cat related so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

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