Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Cat Crazy!

Wassup! So recently things have gotten a little cat crazy....the lovely Kat (otherwise known as Kowareta Doll) who always posts about super cute items she likes and buys, blogged about Ahcahcum Muchacha's famous cat bag. I've always wanted it but could not find it ANYWHERE. However one day I decided to search eBay and lo and behold: I found it lol. 

I'm afraid this update contains lots of pictures and very little dialogue I'm afraid, I have a headache T___T 

I bought it from this user here and they were really really nice and helpful and sweet!

Cute packaging:

Surprise package at the back omg!!



It contained a mustache necklace and a passport holder!




This is so cuuuuute!!!

Thank you so much for these wonderful presents!! \(*T▽T*)/




This bag is very cute! I suppose it can carry quite a few things, like essentials and books but don't overload it too much (like I do lol). The quality is great! The only problem I have with this bag is that it doesn't close: no zip or even a button, but other than that it's a really lovely bag!

Now for the clutch/purse! This cat looks so grumpy omg D:


The chain is part-removable so I guess you could attach it to another bag...or is that a silly idea LOL I dunno *facepalms*

Very teeny: only for small items like phones, lipstick/gloss, money...you name it!

Overall I am very pleased with this purchase! I recommend this buyer: the price is fair considering that it's quite hard to find these bags and I've seen some high prices for them around the internet so...The shipping was fast: mine arrived in less than a week!

You can find Acahcum Muchacha's website here. 

Remember when I made this post about The Hobbit? At the end I mentioned that Black Milk made some LOTR/The Hobbit clothing and that they had free shipping until the 8th March. Well they decided to extend free shipping until the end of March! So that gives you even more time to decide if you want to get something, yay!

My next post is also cat related so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

___φ(・ω・` )

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