Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Going to Paris!

So I said that I'd be posting more frequently....then I got a job. I thought that I'd be waiting for a while before I got one but I'm so glad that I can support myself and my family now without relying on student loans LOL

So tomorrow is my Paris trip...I'm so excited, I haven't had a holiday (out of England) for like 5-6 years, it's actually ridiculous lol. I'll get to practice my (very limited) French lol, I did quite well in it in school but I've forgotten most of it, hopefully I'll suddenly be able to remember it, like, as soon as I get there lol! Friday is the day of the GazettE's concert which I've been both looking forward to AND dreading lol, I'm so nervous and I don't even know why...

I think I've already talked about the usual drivel, you know: how much this band means to me, blah blah blah. I'm one of those "omg you only know GazettE because of anime" fans. When I watched Black Butler II  in 2010 I really liked the intro song which was Shiver, so I watched the pv, listened to the other singles Hesitating Means Death and Pledge and.....I just loved everything I heard (but it took me awhile to like Pledge). 

the GazettE - SHIVER

Eventually I found out about their older songs: back then I had only just started using tumblr, and through that I made a few good friends (who I still talk to now) that also listen to this band. So I've been listening to them for nearly 3 years and in those years they have quickly become my favourite band. This is the band that I will constantly check for updates on: new singles, photoshoots, interviews etc. and I'll try my best to buy everything lol. 

Latest era: FADELESS

Omg I'm rambling, sorry!! So...the concert. I already have an idea of the setlist thanks to those who've attended the South American concerts informing us. I really really hope they'll play AGONY because that song is just the best lol. I'm also hoping to get some merch but it's not looking likely, I have a regular ticket so it'll probably have sold out by the time I get in :( But the main thing is that I'll be there and I'm just gonna try and enjoy every second of it! I'll make another post after I come back about how it went. 

Au revoir!

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