Monday, 17 March 2014

ACNL Deadline :/

Hi again! This will be another Animal Crossing New Leaf post hehehe! With all the free time I have now I've been spending a lot on this game (Also on FFXIII and XIII-2 ughhhhhhh). So the reason why I have a deadline is.....well the other day I visited some dream towns to get some inspiration and I came across this town that had pink trees ahhhhhhh it was so pretty!! It's called Merupuri:

Pretty right? The paths are really well done too! So I researched how to get pink trees thinking that it's just something that can be bought from the garden shop's only a seasonal thing ): The ACNL wiki told me that pink trees only appear during the first ten days of April. My noticeboard decided to tell me this a couple of days ago lol:

When I found that out I decided to fix up my town before the pink trees appear so that in my dream town it'll look really pretty and just never update it again (unless another special event happens and the environment looks pretty hehe). But it's the middle of March now so I don't have a very long time to fix everything! ;;A;; I spent yesterday afternoon fixing all my paths. This is what they used to look like:

It really sucks how there's not a lot of slots for qr codes. I find myself using up the 40 slots (between 4 characters) very quickly. So I changed my path to a single pink brick code. I'm ok with it....for now hehe. I won't show anything for now because it all might change again: I'm so indecisive!

I have so many ideas for my four houses and it's just driving me crazy! I want my houses to be PERFECT. 

My house by day...

...and night.

My main character's house is pretty much done:

*Main Room - Mermaid Furniture (all I'm missing is the couch)
*Left Room - Used to be a sitting room but is now a walk in closet :3
*Back Room - Bathroom
*Right Room - Kitchen
*Basement- It's like an entertainment/arcade type room. I'm not entirely happy with it tbh.
*Second Floor - Bedroom (^^)

Since the bedroom is my favourite room in the entire house, I'll show you it hehe:

So much piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink 

My second character Kyary (hehehe) currently has a princess house: everything's pink. That's really the gist of it ahahhaha. I actually thought of another way I'd like her house to be. I wanted one room to be all crazy with lots of bright colours and toys to represent PONPONPON. Another room would be full of sharks and possibly fish furniture (but I'm too lazy to participate in the fish tourney, it's actually today and I'm thanks) to represent her favourite animal: the shark! Another room would be like a dojo to represent Ninjari Bang Bang. I don't know....those are just some ideas that I can't be bothered to make happen. Plus I'm happy with just having a house full of pink customised furniture! We'll see what happens...

For my third character Maho, I wanted her to have a shop....more like a department store. It was going to have a garden/pet centre, a bakery, a clothing store, a music shop and a furniture shop. I actually started buying lots of things to make this happen but I just wasn't feeling just didn't look right :/ So I decided to make an entire cafe! Each section of the cafe has a different theme: cakes, a cat cafe, a maid cafe and a fruit and smoothies section. That leaves me with two spare rooms: I could turn one into bathrooms and another into a break/storage room. My friend said that I should do an Alice in Wonderland room hehe! I wasn't sure, I've seen quite a few Alice inspired rooms and I don't think I can top that so...I just won't bother!

For my fourth character Miho, she'll be owning a nursery! ^^ Her house isn't complete yet, but it's coming along very well. I don't know why but I think her hairstyle and outfit is so cuuuute hehe, with the red glasses and boots. 

I'm concentrating on paying the loans for the last two characters Maho:

and Miho:

but the process is so looooong omg, having to hunt for beetles and fish on the island bleh...Omg I don't think I've told you but my main house is completely paid off! Woohoo!!!

LOL ANYWAY yeah so hunting for bugs and fish :/ And my Town Ordinance is Beautiful Town because I have so many flowers omg. I wish I could have the Bell Boom one but....there's just too many flowers for me to handle ): So I'm getting less money per visit to the island than I could be getting. Oh well. 

I'm really sorry for that big chunk of text in the middle of this post heh, lots and lots of rambling and none of it making sense......oops!

I hope that you've enjoyed this post!

Lala ___φ(・ω・` )

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