Sunday, 6 April 2014

Zipper Magazine 05/14 !!

When I went to collect the latest issue of Zipper Magazine from JP Books they thought I said 'Zebra Magazine' LOL how embarrassing! Moving swiftly on....

So this issue came with some brand stickers, a mini make-up book and a mini hair book:

So the main things I like about this issue are:

Oversized jumper + skirt combo

Oversized t-shirts:

and long length shirts (as worn by Mim on the left):

and Ayamo:

UNIQLO are currently selling denim shirt dresses which I loooooove! Also it reminded me of these street snaps:

I really like what Ayumi's wearing here:

and also this co-ord:

and this one too!

Advert for Instax Mini Cameras! 

Which reminds me to show you my Instax accessory purchases from eBay.

Pink camera case:

and self-shot mirror (which you can see me in oops):

I'm satisfied with these. The colours are as expected, although the camera fits a little too snuggly inside the bag, but at least it won't fall out looool. And the mirror is just perfect! Although I've looked around online and found some cuuute character mirrors, with Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse and now I want them too!! ;;A;;

So the May edition of Zipper is a great issue, as always!

Thanks for reading!

Lala ___φ(・ω・` )

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