Saturday, 25 October 2014

ACNL: My Town's Progress!

Many centuries ago I made a post about trying to fix my town Disorder before the spring blossom season was over and yeah....evidently I failed pretty hard. HOWEVER many months later I've decided to go back and try and fix everything because it's just so damn ugly and whenever I see other people's towns I get pretty jealous loool. I think it looks okay now, probably about 50-60% done, but I still think that there's something missing.


In my previous post I complained about my path taking up all of the space on the patterns page. Currently I have a simple brick path (qr code here) which I like because it only uses one up one slot on the patterns page. 

However, I had several problems concerning the grass codes. Namely, I wanted too many and a lot of the shades of green differ to each other so it doesn't really match....I mean it's not terrible but I certainly notice it and it bothers me just a little bit lol.

Other Town Features:

I'm still waiting to get more PWPs, namely the windmill, fairy-tale style lamp post, wood bench, water pump, hammock, bell, picnic blanket....ok I want lots of things! ;;A;; This is literally all I've got so far:

When I get the wood benches I'll swap these yellow ones out lol

Fairytale clock ^^

Mini Playground heh :3

I'm also trying to fill up my beach with white roses for some reason. Idk I just like having lots of flowers in my town. I had to sell so many the other day, it made me upset ):

And I also have a lighthouse, a fountain and a flower clock. Now you see why my PWPs wishlist is so long!! ;;A;;

Halloween Costumes:

It'll be Halloween in ACNL soon so I dressed up all my characters!

I actually can't remember where I got this code from omg... ):

Bunny Kyary :3
(in a nurse outfit and ballerina shoes, idek what she's meant to be tbh....)

I literally typed in "ACNL halloween qr codes" in google and found this outfit lmao

Found this outfit here ^^

So that's it for this update. Feel free to visit my town Disorder, you'll be warmly welcomed! ^^

The town code is: 6000-3702-9110

If you want me to visit your town then feel free to leave your code in the comments, I really don't mind.

Thanks for reading my post! 

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Friday, 10 October 2014

..........hi? |_・)

Every time I type up a post I read over it, save it to drafts, then exit Blogger and not look at it for like a month. I don't know. I just always have so much going on and not enough time too do things and when I finally get a day off I spend it reading manga and just generally doing a whole lot of nothing...exciting right?

So right now my mind has been filled with work, manga and my impending holiday (yuuuuss). I really have nothing else going on in my life, so boring right? Well right now I DON'T CARE because wow, a lot has happened!! So my main manga/animes are currently the popular ones lol sorry I'm just so predictable:

♡ Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack On Titan ♡ 

♡ Zankyou no Terror/ Terror In Resonance (or Tokyo) 

♡ Toukyou Kushu/Tokyo Ghoul ♡

I'm also firmly attached to Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, in particular FFX and X-2 so I might talk about those games and my progress in their remasters in another post.

Also let me just say now sorry if I make mistakes regarding names because there's so many variations of them (especially regarding SNK lol) so if it's wrong then I'm sorrrryyyy ). Also this post will contain SPOILERS!!! so if you haven't caught up with any of these then please read no further!!!


Attack on Titan!!! So today I read chapter 62 and gooooosh things seem to be picking up right? We all guessed what happened to poor Grisha so that wasn't really a surprise but just who was that female titan?? Also Eren always seems to be getting the short end of the stick the poor thing. Things seem to be looking up, disregarding Eren's situation, and Levi Erwin surviving another chapter always makes me happy. 

My brother thinks that the current arc is boring, because it's more about human politics and less about fighting titans but I think it's good to have the balance between both. Also, we're finally seeing the "real enemy" and the plots going on in the government behind the scenes so it's quite refreshing, in my opinion anyway.

I bought the guidebook the other day and finished it so quickly! It was a good read, despite just basically going over things we already know. I was gonna scan some pages to put here but jfc bending the pages was just too much for me, it is a tiny book, and someone on tumblr already did it so you can see them here! Seriously, this person deserves cookies or something.


Tokyo Ghoul!! It makes me laugh thinking about how many favourite characters I have from that manga. I can be so superficial with these things haha. Ok so I love practically everyone: Kaneki (who doesn't.........................................seriously who doesn't ಠ_ಠ) Uta (violent eye twitch), Juuzou, Arima, Amon ughhhhhhhhh ok so everyone. This manga makes me feel so conflicted because I feel like I'm siding with the "enemy" but since we get to know characters from both sides of the scale I just......I can't help it ok!! But my number one fave is Kaneki. That's unusual for me because I tend to prefer background or side characters not the main one hmm...He's my dp and header on twitter lol:

Also the fact that there's still so many questions to answer at the end of chapter 143. Not just the obvious ones like "what happened to Kaneki/Amon/Hide??!!!" etc but also things like WTF ETO and I'd really like more information about certain characters like Tatara and that damn clown gang and how they came to be. Here's hoping there's a sequel so we can all get our questions answered!

But let me be a bit mature: Kaneki and his mother, so they have the same personality type as me. As in, they work hard for others even to the point of disregarding their own health. I don't know if it's to the point of being scared of others opinions like I am but overworking yourself and causing unnecessary stress in situations where the stronger option is walking away or JUST SAYING NO FOR ONCE.........yeah, it's similar. So that's probably why this manga hit hard with me...........not to mention Kaneki's suffering omg. It's so true though, focusing so hard on making other people happy always seems to hurt YOU instead, when really you should be having a more positive life and fortune as a result in good karma. It's not fair, but I guess it's just the way the world works.....

I don't even know if any of that made sense but I'm (unfortunately) not like those people who can write essays about character development and chapter analysis and all that jazz.

Errrm so I finally watched all 12 episodes of the anime yesterday after reading everyone's complaints about it and thinking "well it can't be that bad..." and to be honest: it wasn't. It wasn't bad at all. It was actually really good. Yes ok it was rushed, definitely. Since I read the manga first I already knew what was meant to happen so I wasn't disappointed (seeing as I didn't have high hopes for the anime anyway lol) so I just enjoyed seeing everyone...animated! The last two episodes though....the screaming was just too much for me oh my gosh, all of that suffering.....because of a date!!!


Ok so I didn't talk about Terror In Resonance because I really have nothing to say about it apart from that it was bloody addicting and I loved every episode. The plot was great, the characters were great, even the ending (sad as it was) was great so yeah, nothing but positives from me! Also I've noticed that my Animal Crossing post got a lot of views so I might make another post about what my town looks like now since my houses have changed quite a bit. I don't play it as much as I should though oops...

Anyway sorry about all my ramblings and my excessive use of punctuation marks. And the fact that I haven't posted anything for like, 5 months now (๑◕︵◕๑) sorry

Thanks for reading!!

Lala ___φ(・ω・` )