Saturday, 25 October 2014

ACNL: My Town's Progress!

Many centuries ago I made a post about trying to fix my town Disorder before the spring blossom season was over and yeah....evidently I failed pretty hard. HOWEVER many months later I've decided to go back and try and fix everything because it's just so damn ugly and whenever I see other people's towns I get pretty jealous loool. I think it looks okay now, probably about 50-60% done, but I still think that there's something missing.


In my previous post I complained about my path taking up all of the space on the patterns page. Currently I have a simple brick path (qr code here) which I like because it only uses one up one slot on the patterns page. 

However, I had several problems concerning the grass codes. Namely, I wanted too many and a lot of the shades of green differ to each other so it doesn't really match....I mean it's not terrible but I certainly notice it and it bothers me just a little bit lol.

Other Town Features:

I'm still waiting to get more PWPs, namely the windmill, fairy-tale style lamp post, wood bench, water pump, hammock, bell, picnic blanket....ok I want lots of things! ;;A;; This is literally all I've got so far:

When I get the wood benches I'll swap these yellow ones out lol

Fairytale clock ^^

Mini Playground heh :3

I'm also trying to fill up my beach with white roses for some reason. Idk I just like having lots of flowers in my town. I had to sell so many the other day, it made me upset ):

And I also have a lighthouse, a fountain and a flower clock. Now you see why my PWPs wishlist is so long!! ;;A;;

Halloween Costumes:

It'll be Halloween in ACNL soon so I dressed up all my characters!

I actually can't remember where I got this code from omg... ):

Bunny Kyary :3
(in a nurse outfit and ballerina shoes, idek what she's meant to be tbh....)

I literally typed in "ACNL halloween qr codes" in google and found this outfit lmao

Found this outfit here ^^

So that's it for this update. Feel free to visit my town Disorder, you'll be warmly welcomed! ^^

The town code is: 6000-3702-9110

If you want me to visit your town then feel free to leave your code in the comments, I really don't mind.

Thanks for reading my post! 

___φ(・ω・` )

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