Friday, 19 December 2014


The title comes from everyone's favourite game Final Fantasy X-2!!! (So corny but I find myself saying it out loud every now and then lol oops) So basically the disaster is that I've lost my Animal Crossing New Leaf game. It's gone!!!!!! ;;A;; I really don't know what I've done with it, it could be anywhere in my house and since it's one of the only two DS games that I actually play...yeah I'm kinda upset. I made a lot of progress for those four houses and for all the paths too. I'm just grateful that I chose the flower ordinance so my town shouldn't be too messy when I eventually find the game! 

So because I can't make any more ACNL posts for awhile, I've decided to talk about Disney Magical World, which I've been playing nonstop for like the past week lol. 

It's been out in Japan and America for awhile but it's only been out in Europe for a few months now. Aaaaaah, it's so addictive! You get to meet your favourite Disney characters, wear their outfits, beat up monsters using magical wands, dance in balls.......did I mention this game is aimed at 7 year olds? No? Ok, now you know.

BUT NOONE CARES BECAUSE you get to do all the fun things I mentioned before and more!! (I'm doing such a bad job of justifying me playing this game lol) 


Like meeting Alice!!!!!!!!!! And more Disney characters ranging from Peter Pan to Snow White to Aladdin! But most importantly Alice ok??! I need to chill lol....

There's 100 stickers to collect for completing tasks for townsfolk and Disney characters, collecting cards, having this amount of clothes and making that amount of furniture....there's surprisingly a lot to do. It's very addictive, and because I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to games I want to get 100% for everything hehe. So far I have 90 stickers! ᕙ( : ˘ ∧ ˘ : )ᕗ

Here are some screenshots I took of some of the things you can do in this game:

                                                                 Collecting cards

 You can get normal, rare and super rare cards. This one is super rare!


  Collecting items including food, wood, flowers and even bubbles lol


Running a cafe!

Making and trying on clothes!


There's so much more to do so I won't spoil it lol. It's cute right? And I'm not lying when I say this game is addictive. I've been playing it nearly every single day because obviously I have no life whilst on holiday.

My next post will either be a holiday post (which will be 99%  full of pictures of the beach ;A;) or something to do with Kingdom Hearts 2.5 because it's sitting on my bed waiting for me to get home and play it and I can't WAIT!! So I guess I'll see you then!

(By the way, sorry about the quality of these pics, I don't know if it's because it's from the 3DS that makes it  kinda blurry...but anyway thanks for reading my post, hope you enjoyed it!! ^^)

___φ(・ω・` )

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