Thursday, 29 January 2015

ACNL (again!)

Exciting news! (For me anyway lol) I'm starting up Animal Crossing New Leaf again! I lost my first copy of the game last year but now I've given in and bought myself a new copy! ;;A;; 

A moment of silence for my old stylish, trend-breaking character ):

I reasoned that it didn't matter if I found my old copy because then I could have two towns yay lol! It's actually better this way because I already know what to do so I can avoid making the silly mistakes I made last time (like not unlocking Cyrus for the 3 extra characters sooner). So I'm gonna start this new file right!

Early Gameplay

So I have a game plan already LOL but based on what I did last time I'll change a few things. Last time I went absolutely flower crazy so of course I had to have the flower tower ordinance so that they'd never die. However this time I'm gonna be smart (lol) and choose the more money ordinance so I can build up my coins lol and save up for those darn house extension loans....

Town Layout

My town will have influences from Tokyo Ghoul! That's the manga I am currently obsessed with lol.

Town name: ~Dolce~ it means "sweet" in Italian. It's also a musical phrase (although I had to google that, I've forgotten everything I learnt in music at school! ;;) I actually picked it because Tsukiyama (Tokyo Ghoul) said it in an episode but the meaning is nice and cute so I'm glad.

Themes for this town: Despite the fact that it'll be influenced by Tokyo Ghoul I don't want it to look like a city? You know, with roads and parking spaces and traffic lights etc. I still really want a pink town lol. The trees, the paths, the flowers...

Ok so last time I had the town hall next to the station (which I was fine with) and retail at the lower half of town (which I was also fine with) the town tree was at the top left corner. This time my town tree is in a totally different area, at the bottom right corner of my town. The town hall is a few spaces to the left of the train station. Retail is just a few spaces right of the train station. So everything is relatively close together!

I love the playground area I made last time so I'll probably make it again, but this time I'll have the cutout boards there instead of where they were at the bottom of the events plaza. Maybe I'll put a picnic area there too? (I didn't unlock it last time, I had to make it out of qt codes lol) 

I'm also going to (eventually) go flower crazy again, actually I've already started! I've decided to make the whole area around the town tree a garden area, with all the fruit trees in this area. I'm also going to try and plant bushes for the first time, so that should be fun!


Since my first copy of the game seems to have been lost forever, I'll have my personal player back in this copy. The other three characters I've decided to use from Tokyo Ghoul are Saiko, Kaneki and Sasaki! It's so hard to choose though, I really wanted to make Tsukiyama and Arima but....I don't know, I think that those are my top three favourite characters at the moment. 

What helped me to choose characters was also thinking about what to put in their houses:

Lala - Me lol! I'll have a cute pink hooooouse!! (basically exactly what I had in the first copy)
Saiko - Gamer house hehe, arcade machines, ufo catchers, toys/plushies, animal costumes (like onesies lmao)
Kaneki - Anteiku cafeeeeee!! So probably lots of classic furniture and vintage items. I'd like to have a music room as well, with a grand piano and some violins ^^
Sasaki - Book shop/library - just a traditional library with maybe a computer room and an office? 

I won't show you what they look like right now because I need better outfits haha! Also I'm trying to do things that I haven't done in my previous copy of the game. I have to have my mermaid room tho ahhhh ;;A;; 

Progress so far!

So I became mayor of ~Dolce~ on 27th January 2015! So far I have gotten the development permit, paid two loans for my mayor's house 

and have started to donate fossils, fish and insects to the museum. 

*whispers* there's actually nothing in that pond lol....

I'm trying to unlock T&T Mart and am speaking to Mabel, Sable and Labelle every day. I'm trying to save 10k bells a day until I get to the island where I'm gonna go all out on catching bugs and sharks hehehe XD 

Ending this post with the best message board post ever!!!

Seriously, this was the best thing I could come up with LOL I'm such a great Mayor...

Stay tuned for more greatly unscheduled ACNL updates!!

Thank you for reading!
___φ(・ω・` )

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