Friday, 8 May 2015

Japanese study apps for iPad!

So I said a few posts back that I'd make one about apps to aid you whilst studying Japanese. To be really honest it's only recently that I've started studying seriously again. That's because I've started a new job in March. I'm teaching again, so it's really been tiring me out and on days where I don't work I'm resting or I'm shopping and just generally don't have the time...or more like don't MAKE time haha! I find it really easy to lose motivation for things, even things I'm really interested in. However that's where study apps step in.

Ever since I got my iPad late last year I've practically been glued to it. So it makes sense to have apps that can help with studying, especially on days that I don't feel as motivated as usual. That way at least I'd be doing something. Sometimes that's just the way you need to do things, practicing regularly even if it's not for very long. So I'll talk about two apps that I use a lot.

The first one is called Learn Japanese by MindSnacks

It has a series of lessons that contain keywords based on a theme, think family, body parts, greetings etc. It has a number of different types of games (8 in total so far) to get you to memorise the words in different ways, such as matching words to a picture or spelling the word out. You have the option to use romaji, kana or kanji so it helps you at whatever stage you're currently at. I like to use it before or after a study session as a way to learn and have fun at the same time. Let's face it, studying can be very boring sometimes, especially when it comes to things like grammar and sentence structure! ;;A;;

I paid the extra money for the full version, it wasn't a lot and I didn't mind because I used it a lot and I found that it helped me to remember words and phrases better. It's really cute and the games are fun so it's a nice break from the more intense workbook forms of studying!


The second app is called Mirai Japanese which contains a series of lessons. It gets you to read and listen to words and phrases, and contains lots of vocabulary right from the start.

There's lots of vocabulary to learn and you get to hear the pronunciation by two native speakers.

They also teach you hiragana and katakana simultaneously. I really need to relearn katakana, I've forgotten it all orz On the other hand, I find hiragana much easier to remember even after a long period of not studying! 

The only problem with this app is that you have to subscribe to get more content. I understand that new content comes out regularly but I'd rather buy lessons separately instead of paying per month. I don't even like paying for a contract phone per month, I always stick to pay as you go so it's really just personal preference. It does say you can unsubscribe really easily and the first 20 lessons are free so you can decide for yourself whether you are benefitting from the app or if you'd rather find an alternative.


There are a lot of free apps so it's just a matter of finding whatever suits you best. Also the apps shouldn't be your sole method of study but they should really be an accompaniment to the other study aids you may have. There are so many resources on the internet and in books so there are plenty of things to choose from, which is excellent!

I'm slowly getting back into routine again so hopefully I'll make some progress before I eventually get demotivated again haha. I also made a new Ameba account and one with it's lifestyle app called Candy but I'm really shy so I've only posted one thing so far! ;A; Hopefully I will get over my shyness, no one's reading it anyway LMAO!!!

Anyway, if you know any other apps to aid Japanese language study or any other online/book resources then feel free to leave a comment below!

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