Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Travelling to......Sweden!

So 2015 seems to have been my year of travel! I'm really grateful to have gotten the chance to go on holiday, and I really needed it because work has been so stressful. I went to visit my friend in Sweden and we had such a lovely time. It was nice to finally see her country, as usually she comes to London to see me all the time.

On the plane...I actually really love flying, just being above the clouds, seeing a clear sky, the fact that I'm going to see somewhere new, it's really exciting!

We stayed in Sweden for about 4 days and it was really nice to be able to see both the city and a bit of the countryside. 

Travelled on this train from Stockholm to Uppsala!

Apparently this is where Vikings are buried? We went to a museum about them which was really cool. Next time I'd like to walk along the pathways by the hills, because it was really cold and windy!

We went to see the Royal Palace!

Got to see a royal, musical parade, it was fantastic!

And this is the Parliament/Government building.

I'm not one for buying souvenirs for myself but I've gotten into the habit of buying postcards from countries I visit! Visited this store, it was a bit like Forbidden Planet, and bought the rilakkuma stickers and Shingeki no Kyojin gacha which contained a Levi keyring (which I promptly lost the following day ugh). I bought the keyring at the bottom from the same shop I bought the postcard, and the instax mini camera film from a tiny camera shop!

I really want to go back to Sweden, the atmosphere was lovely, the people are friendly, it was really clean and quiet. It was peaceful, and I definitely would visit Uppsala again!

Stay tuned for my next holiday post!

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Travelling to......Portugal!

Beautiful right? This is Algarve, Portugal. 

This area is very family orientated so it was nice and quiet and peaceful, which is just what I needed!

On one of the beaches we went to, they had this pole featuring flags showing how far these countries are from Portugal. Of course I had to snap the UK's flag!

Some shells I found on the beach.

We went to a small neighbourhood on the coast that had a few little tourist shops and cafes. It was nice to sit in a cafe overlooking the water and write my postcards to my friends.

Here is one of the many alleyways that lead out to the beach.

There was this mural on the wall, don't know what it was about but it's pretty and well detailed!

Chocolate cake and ice-cream! So refreshing!

Whilst waiting to take off, a rainbow appeared! What a nice goodbye from Portugal haha! ^^

These are souvenirs I bought from Portugal. This pink box is so pretty, I love the simple floral design on its exterior. Inside I've put shells that I found on the beach! I also bought a magnet and a snow globe. 

Aaaaaah I want to go on holiday again!!!!

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Friday, 4 December 2015

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer!

So it's out (a long time ago I know, but I still want to talk about it haha) and I'm playing it and.......it's actually really good! I loved the idea of designing my own house in the exact way that I wanted with the exact things that I wanted and so when I heard about this game I rushed to get it.

I bought a couple of packs of cards and the collector's album to go with it.

So about the game. It almost hits the mark...but not quite. Yes, I can't design my own house. I can't even wear exactly what I want. But designing houses is much more fun than I thought it would be and the fact that we can see EVERY SINGLE POSSIBILITY OF REDESIGNING OBJECTS is like the most amazing thing ever.

Also I'm pretty sure that some of the items in this game were not in the previous game? Or maybe they were in the Japanese game only. I don't know but the additions are really sweet and just add the finishing touches to my "perfect room". 

So here are some of my designs! I was so proud of some of these until I looked at the Happy Home Network and saw the all of the submissions and.......yeah mine suck LOL but it's nice to see how different people design things and it's great to get inspiration from the HHN.


Children's Store:


Cute Cafe:

Flower Shop:

It was really hard to resist making everything pink, but somehow I managed, kind of! I also know that my ideas are very unoriginal: I really lack imagination! I find it a lot of fun however, for me to be able to create a shop or museum or anything I want really, with ease.

A couple of months ago I purchased the Japanese ACNL guidebook.

It contains pages and pages of absolutely everything you could think of. My friend was like "but you can't read it properly what's the point?" which whilst true it's also kind of untrue because I'm already familiar with the game mechanics and, I don't know, I just like owning a book dedicated to animal crossing ok?!! 

One of the best features of this book in my opinion is near the back, where it shows you entire outfits modelled so that you know which dress goes with which hair accessory and shoes etc. So for instance in this picture it shows what dress is meant to go with the rabbit ears, or what goes with the King Tut mask.

Although I haven't, and probably never will, play this game every single day or for hours like ACNL, it's a really good game to get lost in for a while if you like the designing aspect of Animal Crossing.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

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