Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Travelling to......Portugal!

Beautiful right? This is Algarve, Portugal. 

This area is very family orientated so it was nice and quiet and peaceful, which is just what I needed!

On one of the beaches we went to, they had this pole featuring flags showing how far these countries are from Portugal. Of course I had to snap the UK's flag!

Some shells I found on the beach.

We went to a small neighbourhood on the coast that had a few little tourist shops and cafes. It was nice to sit in a cafe overlooking the water and write my postcards to my friends.

Here is one of the many alleyways that lead out to the beach.

There was this mural on the wall, don't know what it was about but it's pretty and well detailed!

Chocolate cake and ice-cream! So refreshing!

Whilst waiting to take off, a rainbow appeared! What a nice goodbye from Portugal haha! ^^

These are souvenirs I bought from Portugal. This pink box is so pretty, I love the simple floral design on its exterior. Inside I've put shells that I found on the beach! I also bought a magnet and a snow globe. 

Aaaaaah I want to go on holiday again!!!!

___φ(・ω・` )

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