Monday, 25 July 2016

♡ Ayumi Seto Style Books! Part Two ♡

Recently I posted about one of the Japanese model Ayumi Seto's style books, Ayumi Kidz

This time I will be talking about Kidult Girl, a book she posted Winter 2015! It's another style book, but shows more styles and more background information about her!

She shows you behind the scenes for photoshoots, how she co-ordinates her outfits, make and hair styles and what influences her style. It's really interesting, especially if you are as interested in American culture as she is! (I'm not haha)

The reason for the title of her style book. 

Being in your twenties can be a rough time. You have no idea what you want to do, unless you're one of those lucky people who already know what they want from life. Sometimes you feel like a kid, wanting to do nothing but play and mess around, but as an adult you now have to face different responsibilities. That's how I interpret "kidulthood" haha! 

Here are some of my favourite pages in the book:

I love that you can tell that Ayumi is heavily inspired by American culture, BUT she puts her own spin to it that makes it original and unique to herself.

I wish I could just effortless co-ordinate outfits like this! ;A:

Cute hairstyles! As I've said before the short bob is my favourite!

The 'A' page from Ayumi's dictionary.

I really wish I could afford her clothes , the only thing I managed to buy was a knit beanie from her store in Japan! She also sells some of her collection in Lazy Oaf! Why am I so poor??!!! 

I really hope she publishes more style books, I'd definitely buy them! Thanks Ayumi for being such a great inspiration for style and fashion and making it about being yourself, and who you are! ^^

Ayumi is actually releasing another book called My 7 Colours! I've just ordered it from cdjapan, so when it arrives I'll post it here! ヾ(´▽`*)ノ☆

Thanks for reading!


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