Wednesday, 23 November 2016

FFXV: Road To Release

So yesterday I went to my local Odeon cinema to see the live stream of IGN's Primiere of FFXV! It's available to watch online here if you missed it. I thought I'd give you a short but sweet post about this event.

I found it really interesting to see some behind the scene footage, or rather, how Hajime Tabata and the team came up with different concepts regarding environmental design. Seeing them go underground and hike up mountains was really cool! I really enjoyed the interview! Also fans had a chance to ask questions and I really like the question by one fan who asked about the idea behind Noctis' and Lunafreya's contrasting outfit choices. (Noctis in black and Lunafreya in white)

After the stream we were able to watch Kingsglaive! This was my second time watching it and my opinions have remained the same:

  • Great fight scenes!
  • I actually love Lunafreya??!!! 
  • I still hate the fades to black.
  • The way the final scene is really weak.


We got given goodie bags!

Moogle Munch chilli and lemon flavoured popcorn! To be honest I haven't tried it yet, the flavour does not sound appealing to me at all haha!

A bus pass/travel card holder!

And some stickers! ^^

The Chocobo ones are so cuuuute!

I had such a great time! The game is coming out next week and I can't wait to get my hands on it!! Just a warning: be careful when going online because some horrible people have taken it upon themselves to post spoilers about the game, on youtube and forums. Especially yesterday's stream, apparently there are spoilers in the comments section (who reads YouTube comments anyway??!) so be careful! 

If you want to see some pictures taken from IGN's event, follow FFXV EN's twitter! It looked like so much fun! ;;A;;

Thanks for reading!
___φ(・ω・` )

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