Thursday, 24 November 2016

the GazettE Heresy Renewal Present and 2015/16 Lucky Bags!

I never talk about the GazettE on here, even though they were all I would talk about a couple of years ago! I don't really know how to properly explain this but I feel like I've become more of a "quiet fan"; I don't really talk about them much, have friendship groups like I used to...I'm just so laid back compared to how I used to be! Not that I used to be crazy or anything haha....... :/

So I've been a fan for 6 years today, 24th November! \(^O^)/ I've been holding on to this post (clearly) since the beginning of the year I thought that I'd post this today!

Renewal Present!

So this little parcel arrived the other day! I've been in the Heresy fanclub for over a year now. For all members who have renewed their memberships, a present was sent out!

The red flyer is about their 15th Anniversary live 10th March 2017. Unfortunately I'm not able to go, and I was really considering going! 

I have no idea what I'm going to put inside this photo frame but I'm sure I'll think of something! ^.^)/

Lucky Bags

To this day I still don't know why I waited up to 3am to get these bags...but these are my very first lucky bags so it was exciting! In general, I'd love to be in Japan in January to try and get Lucky Bags, it seems like such a unique experience. When I see "Lucky Bags" that are actually mini suitcases......yeah I definitely need to go!!

I feel like I did pretty well with these bags. I didn't get everything I wanted obviously, but then that would be extremely lucky! There were some items that I really wanted but unfortunately didn't get. Having a look at some of the bags on instagram/twitter, they seem to consist of a lot of the same items.

I somehow managed to buy both the Heresy-only and the Rad Market bags. I joined Heresy in the middle of last year so I thought I'd aim for that bag in case I manage to get some items that I would've missed from not being in the fanclub at that particular time. So I'll start with that lucky bag first!

Heresy - Only ¥10000 Lucky Bag!

The top two bags came with both lucky bags, so I now have 2 of each lol. The bottom bag I received with the Rad Market lucky bag.

So when I was looking around on instagram and twitter to see what other fans had in their bags, I saw this and I was like......yeah it's cute and I love pink but I wasn't really keen on it. Now it's winter I'm just like yaaay for more cosy clothes haha!

Yeeeeeeeeeees this is the shirt I wanted! Also I'm glad I got the black one! (To match with the rest of my wardrobe that is 90% black clothing)

This shirt has a cool design, I will definitely wear it!

This is a long black cardigan's not my style unfortunately. As far as I saw not many people had this in their lucky bags (who knows though, I've only seen pictures of about 10 other people's lucky bags)

This towel is nice...but I prefer the pastel one that I'll show later on...

I've always wanted one of the BM bears so this is a nice start to my (very small) collection!

Rad Market ¥10000 Lucky Bag! not like this shirt. That's all I have to say haha sorry. 

I actually really like this shirt!

I don't mind getting a scarf because you can never have enough! Especially when it's so cold in London. It's really nice and soft!

Another all-purpose pouch to add to my collection! I'm just going to say that I'm glad it's this pouch and not the other one...I also received phone jacks, (that's what they're called right?) two more teddies and a deer keyring!

And finally, another muffler towel! I really like the colour of this one! (I also just realised that I could've taken a panoramic picture of the towels, instead of taking two separate pictures of each side......I'm an idiot)


I feel like I'm building up a mini GazettE collection! It's nice, I remember when Rad Market first opened. I wasn't a Heresy member then so I couldn't get anything. It's nice to finally be able to have the chance to buy some merch!

My collection! Behind all that stuff on the right are magazines and the Guitar and bass/drum books! I also have a few posters (including a massive one of Reita!) and group/Reita photocards! (you can totally tell who my fave is right?!)

My Snaked Lows heart ring! Can't wait to go back to Japan and buy some more from this collection!

^ This throwback pic tho!! ^

Loooove this shirt so much!

^ Red check shirt ^

^ Denim shirt ^

I really hope you enjoyed this post, despite the abundance of really bad quality photography haha! Also, could you count the amount of times I typed the words "lucky bag" because it was a LOT! ~(>_<。)\

Thanks for reading!

___φ(・ω・` )

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