Monday, 2 January 2017

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo Update! Part Three ♡

So after my second post on the Amiibo update that I made the other day, I decided I wasn't going to do anymore because I feel like I've covered most of the major changes? There's plenty of little things that I haven't found out yet that I'm sure I'll discover as I play the game more and more.

Anyway I got a message from my friend asking about inviting villagers using Amiibo cards. I answered so confidently that they'll visit in the original campground like the normal random villagers that come and go. HOWEVER I realised that this might actually be wrong and that I should think before speaking heh... So I tested it out...


Villagers moving in/out of your town

There's so many things to consider with this. First of all, my town has 10 villagers so I'm unable to ask visitors staying in the tent to move in. Now I already knew by reading from a forum that if you invited someone to move in, you can actually choose who from your town will move out!

So I looked at my practically empty Amiibo card collection and picked Bonbon. Using the lamp, I spoke to Wisp and straight away it gave me the option for her to move in!

If your town is full, Wisp will go through a list of villagers for you to choose who to leave. I picked the first villager that appeared on the list to go, which was Peck. 

Peck moved out the next day and Bonbon made her plot too! o(^∀^*)o

Since my Japanese town has 9 villagers I tried it out again to see if anything different would happen. But it's the same result. Their plot appears the next day and it's a random place in your town.

Overall this method is a great way for getting villagers you don't like to move out quickly! As long as you have their Amiibo card, you can essentially have an entire town full of your favourite villagers! However as we have seen, they DO NOT directly move into the space that your previous villager had their house, they make their plot anywhere. Not perfect, but we can't have everything! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My friend also told me that villagers do not make their plots on your paths. We both tested it out and so far it's true! My town is completely covered in grass QR codes and paths so there's little space for villagers to make their plots. Three villagers have moved in so far and none of my paths have been ruined. In one case a villager moved directly into the same space that the last villager had vacated!

You can see above that my none of the grass or paths surrounding the house have been ruined!

Ordering Items From Camper Vans

On another note, I can't remember if I've mentioned this before but did you know that you can only order 3 items from the camper vans per day? I also tested whether after buying from the camper vans in your own town, if you could buy another 3 from another town. The answer can't. (。•́︿•̀。) Also ordering items from another town's campsite will cost you 5 MEOW coupons so I guess you'd only do this if you were really desperate for an item! щ(゜ロ゜щ)

Secret Storeroom/Happy Home Designer Tutorial!

So after I paid off another loan, I visited Tom Nook and he told me about the secret storeroom!

It costs 158000 bells and contains FOUR extra 9 paged sections for you to store items! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

After getting this you get to speak to Lottie from Happy Home Designer!

Afterwards she teaches you the basics of decorating, using the same methods as you'd do in the Happy Home Designer game. This includes using the stylus to move objects around the room more easily, put items on tables and positioning walled items.

This update is so exciting! I hope you've found this post useful!

Thanks for reading!

___φ(・ω・` )

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