Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Rainbowholic Shop Review! ♡

I ordered a new 2017 Little Twin Stars diary from Rainbowholic Shop!

But first let me tell you this very unnecessary, long-winded story...

Remember this diary/schedule I got from Japan last year? (see this post for more details) 

Well since my plans to go back to Japan in March this year fell through, I decided to look for another diary to replace it! Now as you know I love the Little Twin Stars characters and often would like to buy items from the Sanrio store except...1) there's no Sanrio store in the UK and 2) I'm unable to order from the online USA store as they do not ship worldwide ໒( •́ ∧ •̀ )७ What's a Sanrio lover like me to do eh?

First I looked at Artbox but they didn't have any. So I googled 'Little Twin Stars diary' and after sifting through the first few pages I wasn't impressed with the prices I saw. I didn't want to pay £20 just for a diary. Then I stumbled on Rainbowholic Shop....and face-palmed so hard because to be honest I'd actually forgotten about it! I'd actually tweeted them a few weeks before asking if they'd consider selling Little Twin Stars diaries so I have no idea why I'd forgotten so quickly to check their store haha!

Now if you didn't know, Rainbowholic is a brand by Kawaii Lifestyle Blogger and a personal inspiration to myself, Kaila. I've spoken about her several times on my blog before. I first found out about her in 2012 and have followed her blog ever since! As well as giving her readers snippets about her life in Japan, her ever evolving career and shopping recommendations, what I've personally found to be a big highlight of her blog and the reason why she is my favourite blogger is because of her self-help advice that I've found very helpful. 


I was in a very low place in 2012/13 and reading her heartfelt words and experiences really lifted me up. Kaila also recommended various websites and books that I've used, such as the How To Be Interesting guide by Jessica Hagy (which has not worked for me at all haha, I'm still not interesting! (ꐦ ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )

I encourage all who are reading this to look at her blog!

Rainbowholic ԅ( ˘ω˘ ԅ)



I ordered the Kawaii Sanrio Kiki Lala My Little Twin Stars 2017 A6 Diary + Calendar + Sticker Set. It went from ¥1,090 down to ¥880! A much better price than the £20-odd pound that I'd seen in other stores. I ordered it on 2nd January, got a shipped/order completed email on 9th January and actually received it on 16th January! All in all it took 2 weeks which I think is a reasonable amount of time! EMS shipping was used which bumps up the price a bit but it was still cheaper than the other diaries and also I didn't get hit with a custom charge so I'm very happy haha!

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately this item has now sold out.


Now this diary is much smaller than my 2016 planner, however it's perfect for when I'm out and about. I carry my diary with me everywhere so it's actually better that it's smaller and compact!

I write in pencil and the squares are big enough to suit my purpose.

There are a few blank pages at the back for miscellaneous use.

And finally a page to write my personal information if I so desire.


This is so cuuuute I love it!

It's perfect for my shelf! ^^

Sticker Sheet

I can add these to my ever growing collection of stickers! (*・▽・*)

Small Surprise??

Flyers relating to Kaila's stores and mini strawberry flavoured Kit Kats!

On the whole I am very pleased with my order. It was well worth the price and I will definitely use Rainbowholic Shop for all my Japanese stationary needs! They've updated their shop recently so check it out!

Thanks for reading!

___φ(・ω・` )


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