Sunday, 26 March 2017

♡ Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour- in London! ♡


Just, wow. What an experience. 

I'm so glad that I wrote all of my thoughts and feelings down as soon as I got home yesterday, because all of a sudden I'm unable to put any of my emotions into words. It was just incredible! (((( ;°Д°))))

This is the second time I've been to a live orchestra, the first being for Final Fantasy XV last year, and they are both very unique experiences. With FFXV, the game hadn't been released yet and the only thing I knew about the story and characters were from the accompanying film Kingsglaive and the Brotherhood anime short series. I hadn't emotionally connected with any of the characters yet, but was still able to appreciate the imagery created through the songs. Playing the game afterwards (it was really good at its usage of music throughout) helped to deepen my appreciation of hearing those songs live.

However with the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra, the combination of hearing the music performed live and the visuals on the big screen touched my heart. I'm sorry, there's no less cheesier way for me to put this haha! There's nostalgia of course, because I've been with this series since the game first came out 15 years ago. Just hearing the strength of those familiar melodies through the orchestral arrangement and seeing the stories of the characters play out on the screen, it really felt like I was playing the games for the first time again. I was able think about the series in a new light.