Sunday, 26 March 2017

♡ Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour- in London! ♡


Just, wow. What an experience. 

I'm so glad that I wrote all of my thoughts and feelings down as soon as I got home yesterday, because all of a sudden I'm unable to put any of my emotions into words. It was just incredible! (((( ;°Д°))))

This is the second time I've been to a live orchestra, the first being for Final Fantasy XV last year, and they are both very unique experiences. With FFXV, the game hadn't been released yet and the only thing I knew about the story and characters were from the accompanying film Kingsglaive and the Brotherhood anime short series. I hadn't emotionally connected with any of the characters yet, but was still able to appreciate the imagery created through the songs. Playing the game afterwards (it was really good at its usage of music throughout) helped to deepen my appreciation of hearing those songs live.

However with the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra, the combination of hearing the music performed live and the visuals on the big screen touched my heart. I'm sorry, there's no less cheesier way for me to put this haha! There's nostalgia of course, because I've been with this series since the game first came out 15 years ago. Just hearing the strength of those familiar melodies through the orchestral arrangement and seeing the stories of the characters play out on the screen, it really felt like I was playing the games for the first time again. I was able think about the series in a new light.



So I already knew what the setlist was going to be as I've been eagerly gathering news about it as it made its way from Japan to Europe. Hearing my favourite themes The Other Promise, Organisation XIII, of course Passion and Hikari, it just made me tear up. Destati stuck with me all the way home and I can still hear it in my head today! The choir was absolutely amazing for that song, as well as Roxas' and Ventus' themes. It was great to hear songs from KHUX. No matter how much I complain about this game I can't stop playing it and the music is lovely. Seeing Aqua scenes from 0.2 was, I'm definitely going to replay it again! ;;A;; I also loved hearing the battle medley's, especially for Hollow Bastion. Also during the World of Kingdom Hearts, hearing the themes for Enchanted Dominion and Beast's Castle (´∀`)♡

One thing I was surprised about was the fact that Vector to the Heavens really got to me. Roxas and Axel are two of my favourite characters but I never really got attached to Xion. (I wish I could go back to when I was a kid and read my thoughts about the game 358/2 haha!) Listening to this song live and seeing her scenes made me really think about the pain and struggle of what she had to go through, and then the acceptance of what she had to do next. I'm grateful for that. The Other Promise is one of my top songs in this franchise because it just so accurately depicts Roxas' emotions and feelings during that fight. I had no idea that I'd have to fight him in 2.5 and it really shook me. I didn't want to do it. And having The Other Promise playing during that fight...the feels!  。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。


There was no low point of this concert....actually there was: the fact that it ended. I could have listened to Kingdom Hearts songs all evening! OK and maybe another...the merchandise. 

Now I know everyone needs to get paid but when prices aren't consistent across countries I start to get a bit angry. Didn't stop me from buying something but I had to cross a couple items off my list lol. Considering there were only 5 items in total that wasn't very hard to do haha!

I bought... a t-shirt with conductor Sora on the front! 

I finally have a Kingdom Hearts t-shirt yaaaay! They should really make more clothing for this franchise (and also for Final Fantasy). 

Next is the concert programme! This was a hefty price BUT it's a really high standard of quality. 

All pages have a nice glossy finish, I've taken a picture to show you how simple and clean it looks (I'm so sorry). 

I scanned the rest of the pages though, but I had to really careful with the book so I''m really sorry if the scans aren't too good. The interviews are great as you get to see inside the mind of Yoko Shimomura. It does get a little technical in musical terms, and my GCSE in Music isn't enough to help me out haha, but they explain many terms which is great! I loved reading about Shimomura's experiences learning to play the piano as a child. It was also great to read how she came up with some of my favourite songs! 

The joint interview with Shimomura and Nomura was so funny, they play off each other really well!

At the end of the book, it featured a synopsis of every game in the series, providing a nice little summary of the main events and characters. 

Finally, the Conductor's Keyblade!

It makes for a nice display! That's all I'm going to say...

So the PS4 remaster of KH 1.5 and 2.5 should be out next week. Looking forward to replaying these games so I can relive the memories of this orchestra once again!

My next orchestra will be Distant Worlds in November. This will be my first time going there and it coincides with Final Fantasy's 30th anniversary so it'll definitely be great!!

Thanks for reading!

___φ(・ω・` )

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