Thursday, 4 May 2017

It's Star Wars Day! ♡


I'm sorry, I just had to! (´艸`〃)

It's Star Wars day!! (۶ꈨຶꎁꈨຶ )۶ʸᵉᵃʰ 

To celebrate I thought I'd make a little post about some of the merchandise I bought recently.

Rogue One

This was such a great movie, I saw it twice in cinema! Yes it had its pacing issues and some other problems, but that iconic Darth Vader scene at the end (you know which one I'm talking about) made up for the first 45 minutes of the film. ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

This t-shirt is from HMV. Darth Vader is one of my favourite Star Wars characters so I had to buy it!

A closeup of the three images.

* Darth Vader pointing is my aesthetic * (´∀`)♡

Kylo Ren

So I went to Disney Store a couple of days ago and this talking Kylo Ren figure was half price so...I bought it! (๑´ω`๑)

I was trying to pose the figure but I was so scared that I'd break it!

The button on his chest makes him say some lines from The Force Awakens (EP7) and the button on his right arm turns the lightsaber on with sound effects!

I really want to buy a Darth Vader one! Also they're making Star Wars heroine figures, featuring characters like Leia, Rey and AHSOKA TANO!!!! So yeah stay tuned for me freaking out about that haha!


My Star Wars book collection is slowly building up! To be honest, I have already bought many books (some from Legends era) on my ipad but these books I just had to have a physical copy of! Is it a coincidence that I've included 3 out of my top 5 characters in this post?? Haha, but please watch Clone Wars to find out more about Ahsoka, and google "Thrawn Trilogy" to find out about him! They're so great characters!

Star Wars English to Japanese Dictionary

This is the "beginners edition". The idea of creating themed dictionaries is such a great concept! I really wish that they had Japanese to English versions...

Obviously as this is a English to Japanese dictionary, katakana is heavily used throughout the book. 


They have example sentences for each of the words which are very useful.

The reason I bought this dictionary is solely because of Star Wars haha. I personally wouldn't use it for studying Japanese, only when I have more understanding and a broad vocabulary. The illustrations are great though and I looking through the book and reading all of the familiar quotes from the movies!


So there's been a lot of big news in the world of Star Wars. We got the release date for Episode IX, new books announced/released and new information and trailers about Star Wars Battlefront 2 and the final season of Star Wars Rebels! So much to look forward to! 

I have another Star Wars post in the making, so stay tuned for that!

Thanks for reading!

___φ(・ω・` )

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